Engineering service


The happy combination of our skilled engineering employees and the best softwares in the sector gave the origin to our department for engineering services. These services aren’t reserved only to customers who are making their tools with us, but it is also available for these clients who need a technical assistance during the design only.

In our engineering office which is coordinated by an experienced head designer, there are all the necessary specialists to carry out the simulations, the strip layouts and the projects.

Deen Engineering- Autoform

We verify the feasibility of the parts on using the program Autoform, we draw up the strip layout and search together with our customer the most convenient tool type and the best quality/price ratio with regard to the part’s material and the foreseen quantity per year.

We involve our customers during all the steps of the project, extending the simulation areas (draw simulations, loads of the blank holder, press force during the forming, spring back, over bend and the final evaluation of the design) because the most of the problems will be individuated already during the design and can be corrected in advance, in order to shorten the times for the final adjustment of the tool.

For this reason we execute all Autoform simulations of the parts already at the beginning of a new project and during the development of the strip layout.

Deen Engineering Engineering Service

Deen Engineering -Engineering ServiceOn request we offer also the necessary support in co-design with our client from the original idea up to the final and feasible product.

Thanks to the latest measure instruments driven by the mainly used programs of the sector (Tebis, Metrolog,Visi), we offer also further services like Reverse Engineering, measurements and error statistics (Cp/CpK) inherently to the orders or as an independent additional service.

 Reverse Engineering