What we are doing



Forming tools for metal sheet parts

We’re representing a well-structured and specialized reality for the design, the development and manufacturing of progressive, transfer- and traditional tools for forming sheet metal. Our products are mainly intended for the automotive sector but we supply also tools for the household appliance branch.

The brand DEEN Engineering today is a synonym for quality on the national and international market due to the longstanding of undisputed experience in sheet metal forming of our proprietors.

We do not offer only the design and the realization of the tools but we’re making also the cost-effectiveness studies of the production process:

  • Optimization of the material needs during the stamping process, increasing in very short times the productivity without compromising the product’s quality;
  • Technical assistance;
  • Production of prototypes;
  • Start of production and process qualification;
  • Try-out and final adjustment of the tool on the customer’s press and optimization of the production line.

Our outstanding technical services include also the complete engineering and economic consulting to our customers. Beside of the manufacture of tools we construct also:

  • Checking fixtures and welding masks;
  • Spare parts.

Deen Engineering Checking fixture

We provide mold maintenance.

Our project- and production managements plan and verify in closed collaboration with our customer every single step of a production cycle to make sure that their quality requests will befulfilled according to plan.

Thanks to our project management and the collaboration with close suppliers we are able to conduct several projects at once.